• 01 - Dont You Know Audio File.mp30:34
  • 02 - God Is Like Lightning Audio File.mp30:46
  • 03 - Jesus Got Your Back Audio File.mp30:35
  • 04 - Whatever You Need Audio File.mp30:41
  • 05 - Do We Say Audio File.mp31:02
  • 06 - Parents Do Audio File.mp30:29
  • 07 - Hay Yay Audio File.mp30:24
  • 08 - Believable Audio File.mp30:23
  • 09 - Beginning To Everything Audio File.mp30:31
  • 10 - Colors Are Beautiful Things Audio File.mp30:27
  • 11 - Jesus It's Nice To Meet You Audio File.mp30:53
  • 12 - S.S.P.0:32

God'z sho

God'z sho Songs/Topics
  (In order of sho appearance)

  1. "Don’t you know” - Indie Folk  -  God loves us so much that he even made our world beautiful for us. Let's keep it that way. 
  2. "God is like lightning” - Rock -  God’s going to shock you with his love. Darkness turns to light with our Lord.
  3. “Jesus got your back” - Reggae -  Conquer bullying by using God’s love that we have for each other as our shield.
  4. “Whatever you need” - Soul Ballad -  Using prayer to God as a communication tool in exercising faith. God's got us covered!
  5. “Do we say” - Soul Ballad - Doing good things for the homeless, and others in need by showing love & compassion.
  6. “Parent’s do” - Soft Pop -  Covers the dynamics of children’s milestones, and pairs it with the ongoing relationship with Christ being our ultimate parent.
  7. “Hay Yay” - Bluegrass Hoedown -  Lending a helping hand to those that need care such as Elderly, Strangers & Neighbors.
  8. “Believable” - Jazz -  That feeling that God is so believable which is experienced right after being baptized and thereafter.
  9. “Beginning to everything” - Pop -  God is like 1, 2, 3 & A, B, C the creator of all things, and his plans are outlined perfectly for us. Genesis 1.
  10. “Colors are beautiful things” - Blues -  Although we are all many different colors we are all the same to God. A flower bed of unique beauty.
  11. “Jesus, it’s nice to meet you” - Soul Ballad -  Losing someone special is never easy. It teaches us to be fearless, and appreciate what God has prepared for us.
  12. “S.S.P.”(Super, Spirit, Powers) - Hip-Hop/Rap -  Jesus gave us the opportunity to be a super hero for God, and to encourage our souls to fly high in the Lord.